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8 Burlap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating a wedding really is an exciting thing. It’s a wonderful occasion to show off your crafting projects and creative ideas. Besides ribbon wedding decoration projects, which are already very popular, burlap ribbon is also a material which can be used to create amazing wedding decorations. Wedding banner A banner at a wedding could be used to display the couple’s names, or the date, or even a love message. It’s great as a background for taking photos, and in general, it can make the setting quite special. You’ll need to cut burlap into pieces. The size of the pieces depends on how long you want a finished banner to be. Don’t make the pieces too big, if you don’t have enough space to place the banner. Besides the burlap that will be used as a base, you’ll also need paper to cut out te...

Ribbons and Weddings

If there’s a day in which decoration can make a huge life impact, it’s certainly a wedding day. Everything about a wedding is meant to be great and spectacular. And ribbons can help making a huge impact and beautiful everlasting memories. Whether it be with ribbon bows or ribbon flowers, or even with original and hyper creative ideas like lampshades, curtains or table dressings, ribbons can give any wedding decoration a dash of style and an elegance accent. Let’s check out some ideas that can make your creativity boost! Ribbon Ring Pillow Some linen, a beautiful ribbon chosen to match the colors of your wedding decoration and you’ll have an amazing cushion that will make your rings look even more marvelous. Isn’t it cute? (Full tutorial in Martha Stewart Weddings) Recommended items for thi...

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