Valentine’s Day

6 Adorable Valentine’s Day Decorations

Ok, let’s admit it. Some of you probably still have all your Christmas decorations on. Chances are you are either way too lazy, the ultimate procrastination queen/king, or—if you are anything like me—you just don’t want to move on. I know, the holidays are over, but I love the warm feel that the strings of lights give to my house. To help you get over your current Christmas decoration nostalgia, let’s try to focus on the next big holiday. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and—although you have quite a lot of love in your home already 😉 – a good bunch of DIY decorations is a very intimate way to express your love and— most importantly— linger the holiday coziness a little more. To help you keep the fire burning, here are some adorable decorative ideas your whole family will heart! W...

15 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Any holiday can be an excuse for giving a card. It can accompany the gift, or the card itself can be given. And when you make an effort to make your own card, with a custom message, this gesture of gift giving has even greater meaning. From simple DIY kids cards to romantic ones for that special someone, here’s a list of the most adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards with tutorials on how to make them. Heart yarn cards You’ll have so much fun making this one. Simply punch holes alongside the heart shape and thread the yarn, any way you want. The beauty of this card is that you can get creative and thread certain patterns or you could randomly thread the yarn through the holes. It’s a perfect activity to do with kids this Valentine’s Day. Full tutorial: Hello Wonderful Heart-shaped ballo...

9 Superb Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With the frenzy of December’s holidays, you probably forgot about Valentine’s Day… and it is just around the corner! You should definitely start thinking about what you are going to get for your loved ones. No ideas? Here’s a little secret for you: nothing says “I love you” better than a thoughtful, handmade gift. And if you’re telling yourself “I’m not crafty enough”, don’t worry! You don’t have to go all Martha Stewart with this.  Today’s DIY gift ideas were carefully chosen so you can follow them step by step without going crazy. Enjoy making a nice gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend and friends with these superb Valentine’s Day gift ideas! For Him I’m sure most girls will agree on the fact that man are the hardest people to buy for! But this special day can’t go without you giving the...

6 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re exploring some creative ideas to collect the best DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. These could be an inspiration for making DIY gifts, for decorating your home or simply a fun and engaging craft project for you. There are lots of ideas with heart shapes and red color because these two are commonly known as symbols of love. Heart-shaped puzzle Here’s an adorable decoration or a gift for someone special. You’ll have so much fun making this one. The materials needed include Popsicle sticks, puzzle pieces, a heart-shaped cardboard, and ribbon. You’ll also need some paint, a hot glue gun, and a permanent marker. To make a frame, put down ten sticks next to each other. Make sure they’re aligned. Then glue two stick across on the opposite ends. Next, you’ll mak...

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