Ribbon Tutorials

16 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

If you love using ribbons in creative DIY projects, you’ll love these ideas. Regardless if you’ve just bought a new collection of ribbons of different colors, or if you have some ribbon scraps left over, you can find some creative ways to put them to a good use. Glitter jars These glitter jars are amazing home decoration, plus they can be used as gift bags. You’ll need jars, some tape, glitter, glue and a piece of ribbon. Wrap the tape around the jar and leave the places where you’ll glue the glitter. Smudge the glue all over, spill the glitter, and then remove the tape. Tie a ribbon bow on the top of the jar. Full tutorial: Kleinworth and Co Rain boots revamp Who says rain boots have to be dull? There’s a cool way to revamp your rain boots using a piece of ribbon, and we’re sharing the id...

8 Delightful Ribbon Tutorials

When it comes to ribbons, you know how we feel. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: ribbons are the absolute best craft supply! With its many textures, sizes and colors, the possibilities are endless! Don’t get stuck with a basic bow. Expand your horizons, ribbon can take you further. From home décor items to handmade accessories, these are 8 delightful ribbon craft tutorials to get you started in you creative journey with the king of crafts! 1. Grosgrain Ribbon Coaster This simple craft will prevent those annoying water rings on your furniture, and will also keep you entertained for quite some time. Although Chica, from Chica and Jo, suggests using curling ribbon, we think grosgrain ribbon is just as good for the project! Tutorial at Chica and Jo 2. Ribbon Kissing Balls Kissing ...

12 Sublime Satin Ribbon Flowers

Beautiful ribbon flower tutorials are just the best! They can be used to embellish all kinds for things, whether it’s in your hair, on a pillow, as a decorating item, even your favorite outfit can be made to look more trendy! We are always on the hunt for a good ribbon flower tutorial. There are so many creative ways to make a beautiful ribbon flower. Here is a dozen of some fabulous flowers! 1. Satin Rolling Flower If you’re just getting started in the flower crafting art, this is perfect for you. The rolling satin flowers are a super easy DIY craft that will take you no time to make. Although simple, these are beautiful! Via SaCrafters LLC 2. Satin Ribbon Rose This DIY ribbon rose is so simple and beautiful. The leaves are a great plus on this tutorial! Again, quick, easy, perfect! Via T...

10 Amazing Ribbon Tutorials

Ribbons. Grosgrain or satin, wide or narrow, plain or patterned, black or white. An infinity of options for your every need. From simple crafts to complex projects, ribbons are perfect for almost any homemade/DIY activity. You can’t help but loving them. Don’t believe me? We’ve put together the best selection of ribbons crafts and projects organized by categories, not only for your convenience, but also to show you the variety of projects you can pull off with a common and simple piece of ribbon. This list of amazing ribbon tutorials will proof you and the world why ribbons are the kings of craft supplies. Check it out! Bookmarks 1. Ribbon and Button Bookmark Stop using a napkin at get a little craftier. This ribbon and button no slip mark is not only great for book addicts but also for cr...

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