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8 Delightful Ribbon Tutorials

When it comes to ribbons, you know how we feel. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: ribbons are the absolute best craft supply! With its many textures, sizes and colors, the possibilities are endless! Don’t get stuck with a basic bow. Expand your horizons, ribbon can take you further. From home décor items to handmade accessories, these are 8 delightful ribbon craft tutorials to get you started in you creative journey with the king of crafts! 1. Grosgrain Ribbon Coaster This simple craft will prevent those annoying water rings on your furniture, and will also keep you entertained for quite some time. Although Chica, from Chica and Jo, suggests using curling ribbon, we think grosgrain ribbon is just as good for the project! Tutorial at Chica and Jo 2. Ribbon Kissing Balls Kissing ...

Ribbon Hair Bows

A hair bow is a classic! It’s great for everyday look, special occasions, celebrations, etc. Kids can wear it, adults can wear it as well. Hair bow is so easy to style with different outfits, and you won’t spend much time dealing with your hair. It’s perfect for curly hair but it also looks great with straight hair. Handmade hair bows are so easy to make and yet they can help you improve your styling with personalized accessories. This could also be a nice gift. Here are a couple of ideas to help you use ribbon to create wonderful hair bows. Double ribbon hair bow This is a very elegant hair bow, which actually has two separate bows joined into one, hence the name double ribbon hair bow. It can be plain or colorful depending on the type of ribbon you choose. Here’s how to make it: You’ll n...

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