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12 Spring Ribbon Crafts

Springtime is a perfect time to start some new craft projects. Even if you’re new to arts and crafts, you’ll love the projects we’ve found for you. One thing they all have in common is ribbon! We all love using ribbons for our crafts, and here are a couple spring-inspired ideas. Ribbon chandelier This colorful chandelier will bring spring into any living room. It’s also a great decoration for the garden. You’ll need a hoop and lots of ribbons, fabrics, pom pom, yarns, etc. They don’t have to be the same length, because the idea is to create a messy look with lots of different color, patterns, and lengths. Use a glue gun to make sure the strips hang firm from the hoop. Full tutorial: Hart’s Desire Egg carton flower bouquet Flower projects are perfect for spring, especially those with water ...

10 Cutest Ribbon Hair Bows for Girls

DIY projects with kids are an amazing experience. Not only do you get to spend quality time together, but you can also create useful products, such as hair bows. You can make a lot of hair bows, so you can have one to match each outfit of your child. And hair bows look so adorable on little girls. The essentials for these tutorials include ribbon and a hair clip. Simply choose the bow design you like the most and follow the tutorial. Here are 10 cutest ribbon hair bows: Piggy bow As the name suggest, these bows are perfect for pigtails. You’ll need enough ribbon to make two matching bows. You’ll sew the ribbon in the middle to create the bow, so prepare a needle and some thread. You’ll also need a glue gun to attach the bow to the hair clip. The process goes like this. Pinch the ribbon int...

12 Sublime Satin Ribbon Flowers

Beautiful ribbon flower tutorials are just the best! They can be used to embellish all kinds for things, whether it’s in your hair, on a pillow, as a decorating item, even your favorite outfit can be made to look more trendy! We are always on the hunt for a good ribbon flower tutorial. There are so many creative ways to make a beautiful ribbon flower. Here is a dozen of some fabulous flowers! 1. Satin Rolling Flower If you’re just getting started in the flower crafting art, this is perfect for you. The rolling satin flowers are a super easy DIY craft that will take you no time to make. Although simple, these are beautiful! Via SaCrafters LLC 2. Satin Ribbon Rose This DIY ribbon rose is so simple and beautiful. The leaves are a great plus on this tutorial! Again, quick, easy, perfect! Via T...

7 DIY Decorative Ribbon Crafts Ideas

Normally, when you want to update your home’s look you would think of painting, changing your pillows, throwing blankets and updating your accessories. But that sounds kind of expensive, doesn’t it? If you feel like your home needs a little change and are on a budget, or if you simply love having custom made items, you should try adding ribbon to your decorating scheme. Here are 7 easy and fun DIY decorative ribbon craft ideas  that will make big impact with little money.   1. Ribbon Curtains Are your windows looking boring? We’ve got you covered. This no sew ribbon curtains are the perfect way to cheer up your view. They can also be a beautiful backdrop for any special occasion. Full Tutorial at Carissa Miss   2. Ribbon Tassel Speaking of curtains, why not add some tassels to th...

Halloween Ribbon Crafts

Seasonal decoration is one of the best ways of crafting with ribbons. And when October approaches and knocks the door, everything around says “Halloween”. Ribbon bows can embellish different crafting ideas, and become a spooky yet gorgeous finishing point to any of your Halloween crafting ideas. Let’s share some simple tutorials to get crafty and handy right away and prepare an awesome Halloween.   Halloween Lollipops When we think about Halloween, candies and treats are the very first things that come to our minds. So, let’s prepare some scary yet very pretty looking lollipops for kids that knock our doors for trick or treat. (Full tutorial in Yesterday on Tuesday)     Halloween Ribbon Wreath A very interesting way of seasonal decorating our homes for Halloween is using a s...

5 Amazing Ribbon Crafts For Kids

Making beautiful ribbon crafts is not just a crafting expert privilege. Luckily there are so many easy and simple ways to craft beautiful projects including ribbon bows, ribbon flowers and much more, that even toddlers and kids can give it a try. From necklaces to magic wands, there are many ways of involving kids into magical ribbon crafting projects.   Clay ribbon necklace Clay is a classic material for kid’s crafts and activities. Fun and very pedagogical in many ways, it helps developing motor skills in toddlers and young children. This necklace can be an exciting and fun projects both for parents and for kids. (Full tutorial in Momtastic) Recommended items for this tutorial: – Sculpey – String – Scissors – Ribbon, Aqua Blue   Ribbon rainbow Ribbons, b...

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