Ribbon Bow

Fluffy Ribbon Bow Tutorial

A nice gift wrapping project always needs a perfect ribbon bow to top it. Here at Drency we’re all about trying new ways to achieve beautiful ribbon bows and sharing them with you. Today, we’re showing you how to make in some easy steps a classical fluffy ribbon bow. For that, you’ll need: Our Double Face 1 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon. 50 Yards. We’re using it in white. Our Drency Premium Tailor Scissors Some wire First, you’ll cut two sections of ribbon, one for framing your gift or just enhancing your bow (circa 20 inches) and a long one, long enough to make at least four 12 inches long loops. Then you make your loops of ribbon and align them well. After that, you fold all the ribbon at the half, to form some kind of a heart shape. Then, you make 2 diagonal cuts, and when you unfold your heart...

Flower Ribbon Bow Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial for making a pretty flower bow with satin ribbon. Satin ribbon is slippery, so for making this bow it’s important to make firm knots to get a nice job done. Supplies: Drency 1 Inch Satin Ribbon Drency Premium Taylor Scissors A small freezing bag wire How to do it? Cut 2 sections of ribbon. A long one (about 40 inches), and a short one (about 10 inches). With the long section, make bows, like if you were designing butterfly wings. Keep doing the same kind of folding until you reach the end of the ribbon section. Then, hold tight in the middle. There’s where the small freezing bag wire shows itself useful. Without lashing, make a knot with it in the middle of your bow. Make your “butterfly wings” fluffy. Cover the useful (yet not that pretty) freezing bag wire with ...

Basic Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Here at Drency we aim to share the best craft tutorials that already exist in the web, but we also want to collaborate putting up our very own tutorials and advices for a happy crafting life, obviously, with ribbons. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you the very basic ribbon bow. Either you’re a beginner and this will suit you perfectly to start walking the crafting and ribbon enjoying path, or you’re an expert that can give us your advices on this matter and make richer the idea of the basic ribbon bow as the beginning of an infinite set of crafting and gift wrapping projects. As a first step for this project, here are the supplies we used: Taylor premium scissors by Drency 1 inch satin premium ribbon (in a gorgeous red color) And now, the easy to follow steps for accomplishing a per...

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