How to Make a Burlap Wreath

There are so many creative projects where you can use burlap, and here’s one that has been particularly interesting now that the weather is warmer outside. Burlap wreaths are great outdoor decorations, regardless if you choose to hang them on the front door, on the porch, or on the tree in the garden. What you’ll need to make a burlap wreath First, you will need a base for the wreath. A wire wreath is the most commonly used base for a wreath. It’s sturdy, so it’ll keep its shape. It’s made from four rings of wire with enough space between them to pull through all sorts of materials and decorations when making a wreath. The wires are most often green, but once you pull burlap through they won’t even be visible. FloraCraft SimpleStyle 18 inch Wire Wreath, Green, 13 Gauge These kinds of wire ...

7 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

One of the best ways to boost creative thinking and imagination of your little ones is through DIY craft projects. Through these projects, kids get to imagine and make things based on an idea, using any materials you have available in your home. From colorful yarns to crayons, ribbons, and paper, anything can be a material used in craft projects. And as a result, you get handy items, decorations or toys kids can play with. Check out these cool DIY craft ideas with kids and pick one to try this week! Paper kites Kites are always a great toy for kids, so this is one of those DIY craft projects for kids you simply have to try out. For starters, you’ll need paper and paper straws. Use any colors you like. You’ll also need some glue to hold everything together, scissors to cut the shapes, a pen...

15 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Any holiday can be an excuse for giving a card. It can accompany the gift, or the card itself can be given. And when you make an effort to make your own card, with a custom message, this gesture of gift giving has even greater meaning. From simple DIY kids cards to romantic ones for that special someone, here’s a list of the most adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards with tutorials on how to make them. Heart yarn cards You’ll have so much fun making this one. Simply punch holes alongside the heart shape and thread the yarn, any way you want. The beauty of this card is that you can get creative and thread certain patterns or you could randomly thread the yarn through the holes. It’s a perfect activity to do with kids this Valentine’s Day. Full tutorial: Hello Wonderful Heart-shaped ballo...

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