Jute Definition

When you first start with DIY projects and crafts, you’ll soon discover that there are a lot of different types of materials that are available to you. The choice depends a lot on the project you’re working on and the material that is needed for such project. Working with crafts usually means that you have already been using jute, but if you haven’t, it’s high time that you did. What is jute? Jute is essentially a type of twine. This twine is made from the plant, also named jute, which means that this is a natural fiber. The plant grows quite long and it’s rather soft, with natural shiny, golden color, which is the reason why it’s also known as the golden fiber. The plant requires low maintenance, with low pesticide and fertilizer usage. Not only is biodegradable and environmentally-friend...

What is Jute?

Jute is a type of natural fiber. It’s long, soft and shiny type of fiber which is spun into coarse threads. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin.It’s one of the most affordable natural fibers and it’s second in the amount of vegetable fibers produced globally, next to cotton. Such high demand is due to the cheapness of the material, as well as softens and uniformity of fibers. Some interesting facts about jute: It’s 100% biodegradable, which makes it environmental-friendly. It requires low pesticide and fertilizers. Jute is the cheapest vegetable fiber. It’s also called the Golden Fiber due to golden and silky shine. It’s the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. The material has high strength and breathability which makes it suitable...

16 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

If you love using ribbons in creative DIY projects, you’ll love these ideas. Regardless if you’ve just bought a new collection of ribbons of different colors, or if you have some ribbon scraps left over, you can find some creative ways to put them to a good use. Glitter jars These glitter jars are amazing home decoration, plus they can be used as gift bags. You’ll need jars, some tape, glitter, glue and a piece of ribbon. Wrap the tape around the jar and leave the places where you’ll glue the glitter. Smudge the glue all over, spill the glitter, and then remove the tape. Tie a ribbon bow on the top of the jar. Full tutorial: Kleinworth and Co Rain boots revamp Who says rain boots have to be dull? There’s a cool way to revamp your rain boots using a piece of ribbon, and we’re sharing the id...

10 Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Craft are such an amazing way to boost kids’ creativity, which has a positive impact on their development and their skills. Crafts are also a great time to bond as a family, especially around holidays when everyone gathers. If you and your family love crafts, you’ll love the suggestion for Easter kids crafts. Easter tree There’s no reason why a tree should be for Christmas only. Here’s an idea how to make an Easter tree. For starters, you’ll need a cone, which will be a tree base. It can be a foam cone, but a cardboard will work as well. You’ll need a pack of Easter eggs and Easter grass to decorate the tree. And you’ll also need a glue gun. Let your kids arrange the eggs in any way they want and provide assistance with gluing the eggs to the cone. This decoration is perfect for a table. F...

7 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

One of the best ways to boost creative thinking and imagination of your little ones is through DIY craft projects. Through these projects, kids get to imagine and make things based on an idea, using any materials you have available in your home. From colorful yarns to crayons, ribbons, and paper, anything can be a material used in craft projects. And as a result, you get handy items, decorations or toys kids can play with. Check out these cool DIY craft ideas with kids and pick one to try this week! Paper kites Kites are always a great toy for kids, so this is one of those DIY craft projects for kids you simply have to try out. For starters, you’ll need paper and paper straws. Use any colors you like. You’ll also need some glue to hold everything together, scissors to cut the shapes, a pen...

15 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Any holiday can be an excuse for giving a card. It can accompany the gift, or the card itself can be given. And when you make an effort to make your own card, with a custom message, this gesture of gift giving has even greater meaning. From simple DIY kids cards to romantic ones for that special someone, here’s a list of the most adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards with tutorials on how to make them. Heart yarn cards You’ll have so much fun making this one. Simply punch holes alongside the heart shape and thread the yarn, any way you want. The beauty of this card is that you can get creative and thread certain patterns or you could randomly thread the yarn through the holes. It’s a perfect activity to do with kids this Valentine’s Day. Full tutorial: Hello Wonderful Heart-shaped ballo...

5 Superb Facebook Crafts Pages

When it comes to crafts, I think it’s safe to say that we all are automatically driven onto Pinterest. At least I know I am! You know we love it. Pinterest has quickly become the arts & crafts search engine par excellence. But in the vast world of internet, there are so many other places where you can find just as amazing, creative ideas to fill you up with inspiration. We work our butts off to, one day, become the best crafts community online – hey, we are trying! — but, in the meantime, we might as well share with you some of our favorite pages across everyone’s favorite social media: Facebook. 1. 5- Minute Crafts Let’s start by the obvious. With over 20 million followers, 5-Minute Crafts is probably the most popular Facebook page for DIY projects. We’ll be honest: not all of their c...

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