10 Best Bow Tutorials

There are many different ways to make and use a bow, so we’ve decided to put together an ultimate collection of the best bow tutorials. If crafts are your thing, and you want to try out something new, you’ll love these. The bows from these tutorials can be used for various different purposes, although decor and gift wrapping are the first ideas we have when we think about bows. Christmas bow This one is called a Christmas bow because it’s quite big and it’s red and green, colors that most people associate with Christmas, but in fact, it can be used for many different occasions. It’s made from wired ribbon, but you can also use burlap or grosgrain ribbon for this type of bow. Since it needs to be quite large, you should use wider ribbon to get more voluminous loops. Full tutorial: HomeTalk ...

14 Uses for a Bow

A bow is such a universal item that can be used for a lot of things. It can have a practical purpose or it can be a nice decoration. It can be elegant and stylish, it can be festive and it can be colorful. When it comes to materials, a ribbon is perhaps the best one to use, but there are other materials that could be used as well, such as felt, lace, fabric, or even paper. Scarf There are many ways to tie a scarf around your neck, and here’s one creative way. Tie a large bow. Of course, the scarf needs to be quite long. It might be difficult to do this with those bulky woolen scarfs, but instead try using a thinner fabric. Create a circle, hold in the middle to create two loops which will make up a bow, and then wrap it with the other scarf end. Full tutorial: FabDiy Home decor You can mak...

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