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16 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

If you love using ribbons in creative DIY projects, you’ll love these ideas. Regardless if you’ve just bought a new collection of ribbons of different colors, or if you have some ribbon scraps left over, you can find some creative ways to put them to a good use. Glitter jars These glitter jars are amazing home decoration, plus they can be used as gift bags. You’ll need jars, some tape, glitter, glue and a piece of ribbon. Wrap the tape around the jar and leave the places where you’ll glue the glitter. Smudge the glue all over, spill the glitter, and then remove the tape. Tie a ribbon bow on the top of the jar. Full tutorial: Kleinworth and Co Rain boots revamp Who says rain boots have to be dull? There’s a cool way to revamp your rain boots using a piece of ribbon, and we’re sharing the id...

10 Super Easy Ways to Use Ribbon

A ribbon is so handy to have around. You can make so many different things with it, starting from ribbon hair bows to ribbon flowers. All you need is a piece of ribbon in a color of your choice, or several colors to make interesting combinations and a couple of super easy ideas what to make. Create ribbon bookmarks This is such an easy ribbon idea, that you don’t need much prior experience in crafts. You’ll need a piece of ribbon, elastic hair band, decorative buttons, scissors, a needle, and a thread. Start by cutting the ribbon into a certain size. In this tutorial, you’ll see that recommendation is 18 inches, but the length of the ribbon will depend on the book. Fold and sew both ending of the ribbon. Make sure you add a hair band to one end before sewing. Use a thread...

5 Amazing Ribbon Crafts For Kids

Making beautiful ribbon crafts is not just a crafting expert privilege. Luckily there are so many easy and simple ways to craft beautiful projects including ribbon bows, ribbon flowers and much more, that even toddlers and kids can give it a try. From necklaces to magic wands, there are many ways of involving kids into magical ribbon crafting projects.   Clay ribbon necklace Clay is a classic material for kid’s crafts and activities. Fun and very pedagogical in many ways, it helps developing motor skills in toddlers and young children. This necklace can be an exciting and fun projects both for parents and for kids. (Full tutorial in Momtastic) Recommended items for this tutorial: – Sculpey – String – Scissors – Ribbon, Aqua Blue   Ribbon rainbow Ribbons, b...

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