6 Things You Need to Know About Ribbons

If you love using ribbons in your arts and crafts projects, you’ll need to know the helpful information about the ribbons. 1. Ribbon width Ribbon comes in several widths and those include: 1/8″ – 3/4” These ribbons are known as being narrow, and sometimes they are even called trim ribbon. The width of this group ranges between 3 and 19 mm and they are commonly used for gift wrapping, especially smaller gifts, scrapbook projects and by florists. 7/8″ – 1½” The range of this ribbon type is between 20 and 40 mm which makes this ribbon one of the most commonly found ribbon width. It’s perfect for making bows, gift wrapping as well as for jewelry making. 2″ – 3″ This is known as a bit wider ribbon, the width going over 70 mm. It’s generally used f...

Types of Ribbons

Even though a ribbon is quite a handy material for crafty projects, some might still be a bit indecisive about the type of ribbon to use. There are many types of ribbons to choose from. The best way to do so is by knowing the characteristics of each of them and selecting the one that is perfect for your DIY project. Satin ribbon This is perhaps the most popular type of ribbon. In fact, when you hear the word ribbon in general, a lot of people would first think of satin ribbon. It’s a polyester material, available in many colors and different shades. It’s soft and it can be made from silk, cotton or nylon. It can be single or double-faced with a very smooth surface. Satin ribbon is commonly used for gift wrapping, home decor, or accessories. Apart from a wide range of colors, satin ribbon a...

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