Gift Wrapping

11 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Part of the fun of gift giving is gift wrapping! There’s nothing like making your own gift packaging and adding the personal touch to the wrapping. On the plus side, you’ll need only some basic supplies and some time to explore different DIY gift wrapping ideas. Furoshiki wraps Have you run out of wrapping paper? Don’t worry, here’s an amazing idea! We introduce you to Furoshiki wraps, an easy and elegant way to wrap presents in fabric. Yes, you’ll need a piece of cloth to wrap this gift. Square shaped cloth would be perfect, and you’ll wrap the gift with four knots. Check out the article to see how to do it. Full tutorial: Evermine Occasions Weave wrapping project You’ll first need to wrap the gifts into a plain wrapping paper in any color of your...

Fluffy Ribbon Bow Tutorial

A nice gift wrapping project always needs a perfect ribbon bow to top it. Here at Drency we’re all about trying new ways to achieve beautiful ribbon bows and sharing them with you. Today, we’re showing you how to make in some easy steps a classical fluffy ribbon bow. For that, you’ll need: Our Double Face 1 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon. 50 Yards. We’re using it in white. Our Drency Premium Tailor Scissors Some wire First, you’ll cut two sections of ribbon, one for framing your gift or just enhancing your bow (circa 20 inches) and a long one, long enough to make at least four 12 inches long loops. Then you make your loops of ribbon and align them well. After that, you fold all the ribbon at the half, to form some kind of a heart shape. Then, you make 2 diagonal cuts, and when you unfold your heart...

Top Examples For Gift Wrapping With Ribbons

This is the season! The season to wrap thoughtfully chosen gifts, that is. You will probably spend hours, days, and in some cases, even weeks looking for the perfect present, finding the one that shows how much you care. Shouldn’t the outside be just as amazing as that gift within? There’s nothing like a beautifully wrapped gift. Crisp wrapping paper, sparkly details and bright colors. Everything adds to the experience of receiving a present. Those little details can really set your gift apart. If you enjoy making your wrapping unique, one essential for your paraphernalia would have to be bows. But not just any bow. No. That special gift deserves a special topper.  That is just the perfecto way to finish off your gift wrap. And the best part is it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it sure ...

Some Magical Ideas For Gift Wrapping With Ribbons

If there’s something that comes to our mind when we think about ribbon bows, it’s surely gift wrapping. The thing is, wrapping a gift is a magical moment that really makes a present something special and personal. To make a gift even more special and give it a dash of creativity, there’s nothing better than a cute and DIY ribbon bow. There are many ways and fashions to curl and make awesome ribbon bows that will top with style any gift. Here we’ve collected some great tutorials for letting your DIY instincts fly and discover the magic of ribbon gift wrapping.   A loopy bow Loopy bows are a very fashionable way of topping any gift. The trick is to make the loops big and steady enough, and surely, using some high quality ribbon. (Full tutorial in Save on Crafts) Recommended items for th...

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