10 Wonderful Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Many wish to learn the ancient art of crocheting. Are you one of them? Have you been putting it off but secretly wishing you were able to master this craft?  No more excuses. We’ve put together 19 of the most wonderful crochet patterns for beginners, including links to help you learn this popular craft. 1. Shadow Tracery Stitch This particular stitch requires 2 colors. It can be done with any size yarn and hook, which makes it perfect for a beginner with basic supplies 2. Moss Stitc This technique, also known as crunch or granite stich, is very easy to do and to follow. The link above teaches you how to do it in slow motion. 3. Butterfly Stitch Don’t feel intimidated by this pattern. The butterfly stitch looks much more complicated than it really is… which is amazing! Watch the tutorial an...

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