Christmas Ideas whit Ribbons

How to Make Christmas Ornaments with Ribbon

The holidays are approaching and decorating a Christmas tree is always a fun family activity. As you put on the ornaments, you and your family gather around and chat about the previous holidays, what you’d like to get for Christmas, etc. It’s also a great opportunity to make your own ornaments. Ribbon is an amazing material to be used for a lot of cool DIY projects. One of those are certainly Christmas ornaments. The material is very elegant, and you can find lots of festive patterns and colors. Christmas tree ornament This ornament is quite easy to make and it looks amazing on the Christmas tree. It’s a mini Christmas tree! You’ll need a straight stick, which will be used as a base. A cinnamon stick could also be used, because it smells beautiful. You’ll also need some ribbon, glue, sciss...

10 Inspiring DIY Ribbon Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

Is that time of the year again. The time to wear festive sweaters, drink a hot cup of cocoa, and watch Home Alone for the thousand time. But, despite all these, there’s no better way to get into the true Christmas spirit that crafting your own tree decorations with your family and friends. To help you out, we’ve put together our 10 favorite DIY ribbon ornaments to get your creativity going during this holiday season. Whether you’re a craft guru, or you simple cannot cut in a straight line, you’ll find the perfect DIY project for you. So, head to our catalogue, pick up your materials, and make the perfect homemade Christmas ornaments just in time for the holiday season.   1. Icicle Ornament A short length of wired ribbon and a piece of thread make these ornaments quick and easy from st...

13 Amazing Ribbon Christmas Tree Crafts

Fall is almost over, Christmas at next corner. Waste no time! Put your pumpkins away and replace them with a wonderful, holly, seasonal tree. Filled with snowflakes, wreaths, pinecones, Santa Clauses and stockings, your Christmas tree should exude sights, smells, and sounds of the season’s holiday cheer.  Yes, it’s not Christmas yet, but a respectable self-called crafter has to start thinking about Christmas weeks in advance. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to go all out on decorations.   Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament The key to this ornament is picking the right colored ribbons. Shades of green and brown emulate the branches of a Christmas tree. Super easy to do. A craft for kids of all ages! Full Tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies Recommended items for this tutorial: – ...

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